Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Wonders of Flying

In absolute amazement he looked to his left and took in what he could only believe to be a dream. He could see millions of blinking lights, stars…both above and below him. The moon was shining down upon his wings giving even more depth to the view. He had long dreamt of flying, as most people do, but never believed it possible. His wing tilted to the left and he saw the array of twinkling lights shift to the right in response. He began to breathe deeply, relaxing and enjoying the moment. He could feel the air rushing along his sides as he moved through the night sky. His eyes were transfixed upon one particular light that he could not help but feel drawn to. Something inside of him was telling him that this was a special light. He could not help but feel that he should go to it. A smile crept across his face as he began to zip through the clouds leaving behind only wisps of white vapor. He was still almost hypnotized by that one bright light when a loud noise broke the silence that had engulfed him. He looked down to identify the source of the noise and saw the landing gear of his plane coming down. As the tires rolled along the tarmac his excitement and awe subsided. He had only been dreaming. But that light was still in his mind. It truly had seemed like he was supposed to go to it. He trudged through the airport and hopped into the shuttle taking him to his car. Driving home, he struggled to keep his eyes open but was comforted by the steady stream of Christmas music coming from his radio. As he turned onto his street his eyes seemed to fail him as he fell back into his dream. He could see the light again. The brightest light in view and again he felt drawn to it. As he drove towards it he understood why. Standing in the drive way were his wife, two kids and even his dog. The kids were holding a sign that said “Welcome Home Daddy!” The house behind them was covered almost completely with twinkling white Christmas lights. The neighborhood was literally glowing from the display and he at once realized that he had not been dreaming on the plane. There was something special about the light that he had seen from his plane…and he was supposed to go to it. As he got out of his car he was nearly knocked down by the two children that he loved most in the world as they hugged him. He looked up and saw his wife now holding the sign smiling at the display in front of her. He WAS in a dream….and he hoped that he would never wake up from it.