Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dissolved Into The Night

I sat beneath the lamplight sleeping, my heart and soul, in silence, weeping,
My coat now moist from the misty fog that embraced the Autumn night.
Then from my slumber I was taken, as from the bridge the night was shaken,
A seeming Specter from the shadows wandered, wandered into the golden light,
I looked upon its face with wonder, as it stood beneath the golden light,
Then it slowly dissolved into the night.

For several moments I sat waiting, thinking and deliberating,
What had I seen just slowly fading, fading into the dark of night.
An Angel sent from high above, my dark lament erased by love,
As on the bench a lone white Dove, appeared just to my right.
My heart and soul no longer weeping as I looked into the golden light.
While my sadness slowly dissolved into the night.

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