Thursday, October 8, 2015

October Night

I lay upon my pillow pondering, dreaming, scheming, wishing, wandering,
In restful slumber one October night.
When from my dreams I was awoken, by a whispered word that was not spoken, By a waxing crescent’s moonbeam token.
In my room one October night.
Then walked to where the curtain covered, a scene that then my eyes discovered, A star filled night and moon that hovered,
Hovered one October night.
So pen in hand I started writing, of worlds and wishes so inviting, where all who loved were reuniting.
Reuniting that October night.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Ocean of Solace

Into the darkened warmth I waded, my wandering soul anticipated,
The solace that within there waited, waited to put my fears to rest.
A scene unfolding in slow motion, a world of wonder, an endless ocean,
My worries erased by its magic potion, as I drifted towards the deep.
Among the ocean giants dreaming, then from the surface light came beaming,
Into the darkness it came streaming, bringing me out of my blissful sleep.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Dissolved Into The Night

I sat beneath the lamplight sleeping, my heart and soul, in silence, weeping,
My coat now moist from the misty fog that embraced the Autumn night.
Then from my slumber I was taken, as from the bridge the night was shaken,
A seeming Specter from the shadows wandered, wandered into the golden light,
I looked upon its face with wonder, as it stood beneath the golden light,
Then it slowly dissolved into the night.

For several moments I sat waiting, thinking and deliberating,
What had I seen just slowly fading, fading into the dark of night.
An Angel sent from high above, my dark lament erased by love,
As on the bench a lone white Dove, appeared just to my right.
My heart and soul no longer weeping as I looked into the golden light.
While my sadness slowly dissolved into the night.