Wednesday, September 30, 2015

As The Day Came Out Of The Night

A blanket of leaves had covered the ground,
As the day came out of the night,
While I wandered beneath the endless gold leaves,
And my soul sought the source of the Light,
My paper and pen tucked safely away,
For my heart not my pen would now write.

Of the magic of Fall, and the majestic gold trees,
As the day came out of the night,
And the song that was sung by all who walked here,
To the creatures who sat out of site.
And a story that told of this kingdom of gold,
As the day came out of the night.

So I sat on a bench, my coffee in hand,
Then I put pen to paper to write,
Of the magic of Fall, that cast away all,
The troubles of those who’d answer the call,
As the day came out of the night.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Silent Wood

In the morning mist, a silent wood,
Where centuries old oak giants stood,
A Path worn well by Seekers gone,
Leaves bathed in dew and golden dawn.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Tune of the Antient's

From deep within the misty night,
He wandered 'neath the twinkling light,
The Master's work within his sight,
As he then sang the Antient's tune.

"The Seekers pass from earthly plight,
When grip and word are given right,
Where Earth to Heaven is the height,
And from the darkness comes the moon.

Then shadows flee from newfound Light,
And intellects and hearts ignite,
As from the ashes it takes flight,
The Master's stone now fully hewn."